What is it About a Cup of Tea?

What is it About a Cup of Tea?

It is the idea of it, the aroma and warmth.  The sense of comfort that brewing a cup of tea brings in the taking time for yourself.  The luxury of curling up with a cup and a well-loved book.  Tea is not only a treasured beverage; it is there to soothe and ease frayed nerves when nothing else will serve to do it.  It is the calm in any storm, and it will never let you down.

During the Ceylon coffee boom of 1867, a Scottish planter, James Taylor, now known as the “Father of Ceylon Tea” was entrusted with the task of assessing the commercial viability of planting tea. This is now considered the beginning of the tea industry in Sri Lanka. His success was timely in that the coffee industry was struck by a previously unidentified fungus in 1869. In a few short years the blight known by colonial English planters as “Devastating Emily” destroyed the coffee economy of the Island. Ceylon’s coffee never recovered, and tea plantations now cover the highlands.

Today tea is one of the most enjoyed beverages worldwide. Steeped in history, every step from leaf to cup takes skill and dedication to produce the perfect cup and Tea4usa is excited to bring those results to you.

The tea production in Sri Lanka is a lengthy process. Tea processing can be counted as one of the methods in which the tea leaves of Camellia sinensis plant are dried and made ready for brewing. There are many different stages involved and each stage has been undertaken perfectly to preserve the flavor, quality and aroma of tea and the process varies according to the different varieties of tea.

I hope you will enjoy a tea journey with me.


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