About Us

In the beginning…

Jane and Edward started tea4usa in March 2014 with one mission – to bring great quality tea to the United States and to get people in the U.S. drinking real tea without it costing them a fortune.

Coming from Australia we had been used to drinking quality Ceylon tea and good tea was hard to come by in the U.S. unless you were prepared to pay through the nose for it. We wanted to change all that and make great quality tea accessible for everyone.

And so tea4usa was born.

Getting started

Luckily Edward was originally from Sri Lanka, the home  of some of the worlds best teas, and through hometown knowledge and a fortunate meeting between Jane and the Anverally’s, a wonderful partnership was founded.

Produced by Anverally Tea‚ the Tea4U brand represents over one hundred years of tradition and a philosophy that only the best will suffice. This demand for excellence coupled with constant innovation has led to Anverally Tea becoming one of the world’s leading tea producers. Tea4U contains 100% pure Ceylon tea. Its unique quality and freshness comes from the very best handpicked leaves from some of the best tea estates in Sri Lanka.

Tea4USA is proud to partner with Anverally and Sons to introduce this quality range of black, green, specialty, single-estate, and flavored teas to the United States.

Tea4usa operates out of Clinton, Massachusetts. We’ve nurtured and grown the tea4usa brand over the years, being true to our values of quality, sustainability, community… and a frankly obsessive love of amazing tea.

From the convenience of tea bags to the tradition of loose tea, our promise to you is to deliver high-quality Ceylon tea at reasonable prices. As a small family-owned business, our goal is to nurture relationships with our customers through good tea, encouraging repeat orders.

Our beliefs

We know that doing small things better can make a big difference. That first cuppa in the morning? Game changer!

That’s why we make a big thing about real, quality tea, sourced sustainably. We give back to the communities that bring us our tea. We do our best to take care of the people that make it all happen. And try not to take ourselves too seriously along the way. No airs. No graces. Just fine tea.

If you would like to learn more about us and how we operate, feel free to pop us an email – jane@tea4usa.com, or come down for a cuppa when we’re in the office!