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Tea4U FBOP Tips Loose Black Tea 200 gms tin

Tea4U FBOP Tips Loose Black Tea 200 gms tin

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Experience the essence of Sri Lanka with Tea4U's finest FBOP loose leaf black tea, lovingly hand-picked. Our commitment to quality shines through in every cup.

Made exclusively from the best black tea leaves, Tea4U's loose leaf black teas are renowned for their alluring aroma, rich, distinct flavors, and a vibrant, inviting hue. Whether you crave the classic allure of black tea or wish to embark on a journey of Ceylon tea exploration, Tea4U is your trusted companion.

Our FBOP loose leaf tea cater to all preferences - enjoy it as it is or add a touch of milk for a comforting infusion, making it the ideal choice for tea connoisseurs seeking perfection in every sip.

Quality is our hallmark at Tea4U. Our master blenders meticulously taste and select only the finest black teas to offer you an unparalleled tea experience. Delight in the goodness of Tea4U's loose leaf teas, celebrated for their low sodium content and rich antioxidants, ensuring not only flavor but also wellness in every cup.

At Tea4U, each sip is an exquisite experience, promising satisfaction beyond compare. Trust Anverally and Sons to bring you nothing but the finest teas, and let your love for tea flourish.

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