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Tea4U Blended Black & Green Tea Bags

Tea4U Blended Black & Green Tea Bags

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Introducing a captivating fusion crafted by Anverally and Sons - a blend of black and green teas, elevated by the delightful flavors of strawberry, raspberry, and peach.

Tea4U's tea bags are designed for simplicity and convenience, allowing you to effortlessly brew the perfect cup of tea. The rich, harmonious flavors intertwine to create a fragrant and distinctive brew, ready to tantalize your senses.

Each box contains 25 teabags of this enchanting blend. Experience the magic of this unique combination as you sip and savor the artistry of Anverally and Sons, one cup at a time. It's a tea journey that marries the best of both worlds - the depth of black tea and the freshness of green tea, complemented by the sweet symphony of fruit flavors.

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